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Cooking Point is a hands-on cooking school where you can learn how to cook traditional Spanish cuisine dishes. Our classes are taught in English and they are designed for either tourists who want to get immersed in the Spanish gastronomy culture or anyone who lives in Madrid and would like to get closer to such an important aspect of the Spanish culture.

Are you planning your next cooking vacations? Are you coming for a short trip to Madrid? Are you wondering how to cook the paella, gazpacho, etc..? Come and join our Cooking Point school in the heart of Madrid and learn from our chef the techniques of the Spanish gastronomy.

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Paella Cooking Class

Learn in our cooking classes how to cook the most famous Spanish dish: Paella (a rice based dish with seafood. meat and vegetables). Following the instructions of our chef, you will prepare your own full menu consisting of paella, gazpacho (cold tomato soup) and sangria.

wine tasting class in Madrid, Spain

Wine Tasting

Discover why Spain is leader in wine quality. Our wine tasting concept is led by our somellier who will teach you how to appreaciate its aromas and flavors. Taste and discover an important part of the Spanish culture through its vineyards and type of grapes!

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Tapas Cooking Class

The Spanish word "tapas" refers to nearly any food in bite-size pieces, served in small plates to share by a group of friends or family. In our Spanish tapas cooking class you will learn to prepare up to 6 traditional tapas, ranging from Spanish potato omelet to shrimps with garlic, all of them typical from different regions of Spain.

Like in any other big city, you will find many things to do in Madrid: museums, monuments, markets, restaurants, bars, parks,... the number of Madrid attractions is countless. But, when it comes to what to do, you shouldn't miss the opportunity to take an active role in your Madrid experience and participate on attractions where five senses are involved.

Because of its central location, Madrid receives influences from every corner of Spain, what has made of it the best city to learn Spanish cuisine. The Madridian open and conciliatory character will let you discover Spanish wine and food excellences no matter their region of origin.

In our cooking classes you will learning not just about the Spanish food but also how to make it, what offers the perfect 'take-home' experience that will stay with you forever. So, you will get a broad knowledge of paella and tapas and other typical Spanish food like cured ham, olive oil, saffron, paprika,... and how important they are in the Spanish culinary culture.

If you are looking for different things to do in Madrid for your holiday, an alternative to sightseeing attractions, whether you are a travelling alone, as a couple or in a corporate event, then consider Cooking Point's cooking classes or wine tastings to get to the very heart of the local culture.

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