best classes madrid
best classes madrid

10 Reasons To Choose Us

Below, check out ten reasons why we believe us to be the best class in town.

1. First Rated School in Madrid

Since we started, back in 2013, our customer's 5-star reviews have granted us #1 position within our cateogory in TripAdvisor, Google and Yelp. We invite you to read their comments as we are sure they speak for themselves.

In 2022, we were recognized with the prestigious Best of the Best award from Tripadvisor, given to the 1% best experiences in Spain. Additionally, Tripadvisor editors featured us in the Top 10 Overall Experiences in Spain.

google reviews

2. 100% Hands-on Classes

Our facilities are modern, confortable and luminous. We have several cooktops which are shared by two people each (don't worry if you come by yourself! We will try to find you a cooking mate). You will perform all the steps of each recipe. Everyone in the class performs the same tasks.

The maximum amount of customers per class is 12 but we are not usually fully booked. Of course, the class includes enjoying the dishes you prepare.

And there's more! You will take home the recipe booklet to cook them for your family and friends!

your spot
100% Hands-on classes

3. Suitable For Everyone

Our classes are suitable for everyone, you only need to be willing to learn, cook and meet other travellers.

Having allergies or dietary restrictions is not a problem to attend our class and make it a memorable experience. As you cook in pairs, your food requirements will not affect the rest of guests, so feel free to specify your needs and we will adapt the recipes for you.

food restrictions
Suitable for everyone

4. Family Friendly

Children love cooking, as well as our classes. Our kitchen is a nice setting where youngsters feel involved and enthusiastic about performing cooking tasks from simply stirring or grating to chopping vegetable and sauteing seafood.

Family friendly

5. 100% Local

We are a 100% Spanish company with all staff born and raised in Spain. We support small, traditional business and local economy by getting most of our supplies from the local market and using products with Protected Designation of Origin.

local market
Local produce from traditional markets

6. Right In The Center Of Madrid

We are located in the historic center of Madrid, within walking distance of main lodging areas and turist attractions. You will probably be able to come walking from your accomodation, enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of the Literary Quarter.

mapa Barrio de las Letras
Literary Quarter aka Barrio de las Letras aka Huertas

7. Open Year-round

We are the school with more availability in Madrid. We offer 2 regular classes a day, 6 days a week, all year round.

8. Legal

We have all due licenses in force to teach cooking classes. In fact, we appear listed in the registry of activities recommended by the City of Madrid's official tourism website. We fulfill all of our legal obligations regarding health and safety, civil liability insurance and tax payment.

Listed on Official City of Madrid tourism website

9. What We Are Not

We are not a chain, there is only one Cooking Point and it is in Madrid. We are not an unregulated guy cooking at his nice appartment. We are not a restaurant or hotel teaching classes in small and messy kitchens. We are not impersonal resellers with fake photos and unefficient customer service.

10. Best Value for Money

Four hours of fun learning about Spain's culture.

Our Classes

And these are our classes.

tapas class in madrid

Tapas Cooking Class

Have a great evening making tapas and sangria.

paella class

Paella Cooking Class

Enjoy an unforgettable morning visiting a food market and cooking a delicious paella.

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