Saffron: the Gold of the Spices

Saffron is one of the most appreciated spices in history. Find out why here, as well as some tips for buying and cooking with it.

Ensaladilla Rusa, the Spanish Russian Salad

Discover the Spanish version of the Russian salad. An easy and yummy recipe for parties and families.

Spain's Wine 101

Find out which are the most famous winemaking regions and wine types in Spain. This post will guide you to identify and drink the most genuine and typical ones from this country.

How to make paella fish stock

Finally, we publish our recipe of fish stock for paella, key ingredient in an excellent mixed paella

What is Iberico pig ham?

What makes so special the Iberico Ham? This particular breed, only found in Spain has unexpected benefits for your health

How to use, buy and store olive oil

Do you know when to use extra virgin olive oil instead of regular olive oil? Our practical guide will help you learn more about Spain's most famous export and improve your flavors in the kitchen

How olive oil is made

We all have olive oil in our kitchen cupboard, but how does it get from the olive tree to the bottle? We break down the complex process into steps so that you will know all that go in behind the scenes.

Spanish potato omelet

All you should know about the potato omelet: recipe, customs, best places to eat in Madrid.

Torrijas, the traditional Easter dessert

Like the French toast and pain perdu, this dessert is rooted in the Spanish history and linked to Easter holidays. Find here the authentic torrija recipe, from my mum.

Protected Designation of Origin label

The Protected Designation of Origin label certifies where foodstuff has been grown and/or produced to avoid couterfeits and deliver to customers the excellence of European foodstuff production

GMOs in Spain – all you need to know

Know why GMOs is not a big issue in Europe. This post presents figures and facts to know more about it.

What to eat in Madrid festivals

Madrid celebrates its San Isidro festival in mid-May. A good opportunity to try some typical street food of Spain's festivals.

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